Louth Personal Injury Solicitor Serving Grimsby

With Nigel Askew Solicitor in Louth, you get a local accident specialist — not an unqualified claims processor advertised on TV who is based at the other end of the country.

Defendants, like local councils and insurance companies, try to intimidate accident victims and their legal advisers with mountains of paperwork: This doesn't faze me — and I never take defendants at their word. Instead I examine everything in detail, finding errors and inconsistencies, and often forcing an admission of liability before a case gets near court.

Lincolnshire Injury Solicitor

My work includes the following types of claims:

  • Back Injury claims — including workplace injuries from heavy lifting, poor workstation conditions & road accidents.
  • Serious Injuries — Serious injuries can drastically alter the life of a victim, as well as those closest to them.
  • Slips-and-trips — On public property such as roads and pavements and private property like supermarkets, restaurants and pubs
  • Road traffic accidents — Including claims for injuries on public transport like buses and trains and privately owned vehicles
  • Accidents at work — Including claims arising out of poor or unsafe working conditions, in offices, factories and on building sites
  • Noise-induced hearing loss — Often arising out of employment in heavy industry like coal mining, boiler making and shipbuilding

Focusing On You: No Case Is Too Big Or Too Small

I have specialised in personal injury law since I qualified as a solicitor 15 years ago. When you instruct me, you are guaranteed the benefit of my experience every step of the way.

I have handled routine compensation claims as well as highly complex cases involving injuries of the utmost severity. These include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Significant spinal injury
  • Fatal accidents
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Myofacial pain syndrome
  • Chronic pain
  • Injuries resulting from clinical negligence

I am also regularly involved in complex multiparty employer liability claims and high-value road traffic accident claims.

In cases where serious injuries are involved, I spend the time that's necessary with you and your family. This often enables me to draw out information that is often missed by the form-based "one size fits all" approach taken by many call centres and case management firms.

Contact Nigel Askew Solicitor

If you or a loved one has had an accident and it wasn't your fault, call me on 01507 609027 or get in touch online for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case. I deal with cases on a no-win, no-fee basis. There are no hidden charges.