Industrial Dermatitis

Industrial Dermatitis

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    Industrial Dermatitis Compensation

    Industrial Dermatitis is one of the main causes of industrial related injury and occurs as a result of exposure to hazardous substances that causes an inflammatory reaction to the skin. It mainly affects the hands but in some cases it can affect other body parts including the arms, legs, face and neck.

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    Common causes of industrial dermatitis

    Industrial dermatitis occurs as a result of exposure to substances such as cleaning agents, cement, mineral oils, hand-washing agents, etc. It mainly affects the hands but other parts of the body may also be affected. Industrial dermatitis can be divided into two main groups; Primary Skin irritants and secondary irritants. Primary skin irritants produce a direct inflammation on the area of contact. Secondary skin irritants generally occur after a longer period of exposure with the effect not necessarily being confined to the area of skin exposed to the substance.

    Who is at risk of industrial dermatitis?

    Those at risk of developing either primary or secondary Industrial dermatitis may include workers in the following professions;

    • Construction workers handling resins and manufacturing cement
    • Hospital, kitchen or hotel workers in regular contact with industrial strength cleaners and pharmaceuticals
    • Workers involved in the manufacture of cement
    • Mechanics and metal machining workers in contact with mineral oils
    • Farm and industrial workers handling pesticides and preservatives.

    If you have developed Industrial dermatitis and have not been provided with sufficient PPE and would like to discuss a claim for compensation, please contact us, our solicitors will be happy to assist you.

    Prevention of industrial dermatitis – What can be done?

    Employers must carry out a comprehensive risk assessment on all processes where the risk of exposure to hazardous substances could cause Dermatitis. Employers should provide employees with suitable protective equipment and data including;

    • Gloves to protect hands and arms from any contact with hazardous substances
    • Sufficient washing facilities in the event of exposure to hazardous substances
    • Hazard data sheets so employees are aware of the substances that they are working with and the problems that they could experience if their skin is exposed

    As with any claim for Industrial Dermatitis compensation, it is necessary to prove negligence on behalf of the employer.  All employers have a duty of care to ensure that their employees are not exposed to a risk of sustaining injury or developing an industrial related disease

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