Industrial Disease Case 3

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A lady who worked for Peterborough City Council in a job which involved significant amounts of typing on a keyboard for prolonged periods of time without wrist rests, developed a repetitive strain type injury.

As anticipated, the defendant sought to deny her claim on the basis that it was not foreseeable that she could suffer such an injury from the amount of typing she did, which they alleged was lower than claimed. As liability was disputed by the defendant, information about the number of keystrokes she made on her computer was obtained from the defendant and an ergonomics report was obtained which confirmed that the amount of typing and lack of wrist rests was dangerous and presented a foreseeable risk of injury.

The combination of our ergonomics report and strong medical evidence resulted in the defendant eventually settling her claim for damages in excess of £25,000. Because of the nature of the injury she developed she would be at a disadvantage on the job market when applying for jobs in the future.

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