Non Freezing Cold Injury

Non-Freezing Cold Injury (NFCI)

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    Military Non-Freezing Cold Injury (NFCI)

    A non-freezing cold injury (NFCI) occurs when someone is exposed to temperatures or wet conditions which are just above freezing point, for a sustained period of time. Also known as ‘trench foot’, non-freezing cold injuries are commonly suffered by members of the armed forces (MOD).

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    Symptoms of non-freezing cold injuries

    Symptoms of Non-Freezing Cold Injuries usually occur after exposure to sustained periods of cold or wet weather without having been able to change into dry socks and/or boots. After prolonged exposure to wet or cold weather the affected individual soldier will notice an altered sensation, usually very painful, when warming up in a bath or shower. The individual may then notice their feet showing short periods of blanching (whitening) followed by redness, swelling and bouts of intense pain.

    The effects of non-freezing cold injuries

    The effects of Non-Freezing Cold Injuries can last several months and in some extreme cases many years, resulting in the loss of a military career by way of a medical discharge and an inability to gain work in employment in normal civilian life.

    Our solicitors have helped members of the armed forces in making successful claims against the MOD for NFCI so if you are suffering with pain and discomfort as a result of a Non Freezing Cold Injury, contact to us today for a free and consultation regarding your potential case. Our contact number is 01507 609027 or alternatively you can submit details of your enquiry via the enquiry form on this page.

    The responsibility of the MOD

    The Ministry of Defence is an employer that must adhere to strict Health & Safety regulations in exactly the same way as a business in the private sector. They must provide a safe working environment, where an employee is not at risk of sustaining injury or illness and if they fall foul of this requirement then they may be deemed negligent.

    Can you treat cold injuries?

    Unfortunately treatment for non-freezing cold injuries are limited. The best and most effective treatment is to try and limit its occurrence, which means to avoid cold or wet weather conditions and to wear protective clothing.

    Compensation for NFCI

    It is vital that an individual seeks expert legal representation when considering bringing a claim as claims for NFCI are extremely complex. Our solicitors have many years experience in dealing with complex industrial disease and military related claims and have helped many clients claim compensation for their injuries.

    Compensation awards for NCFI can vary and are dependent upon the severity of your injuries. If your NFCI has caused you to have been medically discharged from service then this is likely to mean a much larger compensation award.

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