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Medical Negligence Solicitors in Lincolnshire

Expert medical negligence claim solicitors who will help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Medical Negligence Solicitors in Lincolnshire

    Have you or a member of your family been the victim of medical negligence? Have you sustained an injury or has an existing injury been made worse due to a healthcare professional?  Has the incident or injury happened within the last 3 years? If so, our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Lincolnshire can advise you on the prospects of a No Win No Fee personal injury claim.

    Welcome to Nigel Askew Solicitors, we are a firm of personal injury claim specialists and represent clients across Lincolnshire in a range of medical negligence claims.

    We have over 20 years of experience in personal injury law and represent clients across Lincolnshire and the neighbouring counties. Whether you live in Lincoln, Nottingham, Hull, Peterborough, Grantham, Kings Lynn or anywhere in between, our solicitors can offer you the highest levels of legal advice and representation.

    We offer all new medical negligence clients a free and no obligation initial phone consultation to discuss your enquiry.

    Contact us today by calling 01507 609027 or complete the form on this page and one of our solicitors will contact you to discuss your enquiry in more detail.

    What is medical negligence?

    The term Medical negligence (also commonly referred to clinical negligence) is a broad term that encompasses a range of different types of claims but essentially it is where a health professional has failed in their duty of care to you, their patient.

    Medical Negligence covers any wrong, accidental or substandard care by any medical professional which subsequently causes a patient injury or exacerbates an existing injury or medical condition. This negligence is usually caused by wrong or incorrect action or a failure to act when they should have.

    Why instruct Nigel Askew Solicitors to help with your claim?

    We have over 20 years of experience in complex personal injury law and unfortunately have seen how medical negligence can cause life changing consequences for patients, either because of a physical injury or psychological trauma.

    We are proud to act for clients across Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties and know what it takes to achieve a successful outcome.

    Our medical negligence solicitors in Lincolnshire take great care in ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of legal advice and customer care and we pride ourselves on going the “extra mile”.

    We believe it is important for medical negligence claims to be dealt with by senior solicitors, with real world experience in handling complex medical negligence claims, rather than by inexperienced claims handlers that only react to processes.

    Our solicitors regularly attend our clients at their homes throughout the claims process, usually to provide claim updates, take statements and to sign documents. Our personal service often enables us to put together a stronger case for our clients, something which is simply not offered by every firm in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire.

    Common types of medical negligence claims

    There are many types of medical negligence, from surgical errors, misdiagnosis, to dental negligence and injuries sustained to children at birth.

    Over the last 20 years we have handled a broad range of claim types and helped countless people claim compensation for injuries resulting from medical negligence.

    Some of the most common include:

    • Hospital negligence claims
    • Anaesthesia negligence claims
    • Birth injury claims
    • Mis-diagnosis claims
    • Surgical error, including nerve damage, organ damage, disfigurement and death
    • Dental negligence claims

    There are many other types of medical negligence, so if you feel that your medical professional has failed you and you would like to discuss a new claim then contact Nigel Askew Solicitors today on 01507 609027.

    How much compensation can I claim?

    The value of a claim depends on a number of factors including the type of negligence you have suffered, the severity of your physical or psychological injuries and how long it takes for you to make a full recovery, if ever.

    The value is also dependent on whether you have suffered any financial losses as a result of the negligence.  These financial losses can include lost earnings, as well as future lost earnings and pensions, ongoing medical care and if any changes are required to your home. Medical negligence claims can range in value from £25,000 to several million pounds.

    Use our compensation calculator to see how much your claim might be worth.

    How long do I have to claim?

    The law in England & Wales states that you have 3 years after an accident or act of negligence to make a claim for personal injury.

    In cases that involve children a parent can make a claim on their behalf as a “litigation friend”. The law allows any child that has been injured under the age of 18, 3 years from the date they turn 18 to claim, until they reach their 21st birthday.

    If you are unsure whether you can make a claim, contact Nigel Askew Solicitors now. Our friendly solicitors can advise you whether your personal circumstances allow you to make a claim.

    Call us on 01507 609027 or submit an enquiry using the online form on this page.

    How much does it cost to claim?

    We do not charge any fees to get a new claim up and running.

    We fund all of our medical negligence claims using Conditional Fee Agreements, which are also commonly referred to as either a “CFA” or a “No Win No Fee agreement”.

    The nature of these agreements means that law firms take all the financial risk and not the client.  If a claim fails, the law firm is not paid and the client does not have to pay any solicitor’s fees for their time.  For taking this risk, it is common for law firms to agree with a client that they will be paid a % of the client’s compensation award at the end of a successful claim.

    For more information about No Win No Fee agreements or to start your claim, contact our medical negligence solicitors in Lincolnshire today.

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    Our friendly personal injury claim specialists are available to speak to you today and are pleased to offer all new clients a free initial phone consultation as standard.

    Whatever type of medical negligence you may have suffered, we are here to support you and offer the highest level of legal advice we can.

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    We are medical negligence solicitors in Lincolnshire that you can trust, to advise you and guide you through the claims process with care and expertise.

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