Serious Hand Laceration at Work

Serious Hand Laceration at Work

Have you suffered a serious cut or laceration to your body at work? If so, you may be able to make a claim for financial compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

    Serious cuts and lacerations at work

    Have you sustained a serious hand laceration at work? Has the accident severely injured your hand and meant you are unable to work? Do you now suffer with tendon or nerve damage? Was the accident someone else’s fault? If so, you may be able to claim compensation

    We offer all new clients who have sustained hand laceration injuries a free and no obligation initial phone consultation, during which we will discuss your accident, who was to blame, your injuries and advise you on the merits of your potential claim.

    The solicitors at Nigel Askew Solicitors have over 50 years of combined experience in representing clients in work related hand laceration claims and are on hand to speak to you now, to discuss a potential claim.

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    Accidents are work are common

    Millions of the UK workforce are employed in industries that mean they are at risk of sustaining serious injury, including hand lacerations. Workers in construction, manufacturing, logistics, farming and agriculture and mining all come into contact with a wide variety of plant, machinery and vehicles that present a danger to them if they are not trained correctly, given correct PPE and benefit from detailed risk assessments.

    Despite an increase in health and safety procedures and laws in recent years, according to a recent report published by the Health & Safety Executive, 441,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey in 2020/21. Of those people who sustained an injury at work, 102,000 were required to stay off work for over 7 days to recover from their injuries.

    Common causes of cuts and lacerations

    Our solicitors have vast experience in speaking to clients who have been seriously injured at work and over the years have advised on a wide variety of cut and laceration type injuries.

    Some of most common include:

    • Serious hand lacerations and de-gloving, that damage tendons and muscles and lead to impaired use, loss of grip and dexterity caused by hands becoming entangled or trapped in dangerous or unguarded machinery, engines and mechanical machines
    • Serious hand lacerations that in some cases lead to amputation, caused by unguarded, dangerous or faulty handheld machinery such as saws, blades, slicers, presses and tracks
    • Serious hand and arm lacerations caused by the negligence of other employees or employers that have not serviced or repaired machinery correctly which has led to extraordinary injuries
    • Serious injuries caused by broken glass, protruding metal and knives, all leading to significant long term injury and reduced ability to work

    Over the years we have seen many different types of injury causes and successfully won millions of pounds worth of compensation on behalf of our clients.

    If the accident that caused your injuries is not listed above, do not worry, you still may be able to claim compensation if that accident was within the last 3 years and not your fault.

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    How do I start a claim?

    The majority of the clients we advise have never made a claim before, so are wary about the claims process and what it involves.

    All new claims start with an initial consultation, which is free of charge and you’re under no obligation to proceed.

    During our call we will ask you a series of questions about the accident, who was to blame, the extent of your injuries and your likely recovery. We may also request to see your medical or hospital records, with your permission.

    Once we have a clear picture of your accident circumstances, if we believe your claim has good prospects of success then we may offer to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

    We do not charge our clients any fees whatsoever to start a claim, so if you need expert legal advice and representation after a serious hand laceration at work, call us now on 01507 609027.

    How much financial compensation can I claim?

    Every hand injury claim is different and the amount of compensation you can claim depends on a number of important factors, which include the severity of your hand injury, your recovery, if you have suffered any financial loss and your ability to work in the future.

    The value of personal injury claims are based on a set of national guidelines called the Judicial College Guidelines and some example guideline amounts for hand injuries are set out below:

    • Severe hand injury that results in the loss or loss of use of one or both hands – £76,650 to £189,110
    • Severe injuries where the hand has had index, middle or ring fingers amputated leaving little use – £58,100 to £85,170
    • Serious injuries that leads to loss of function in one or both hands – £52,310 to £79,360
    • Serious injury that leads to the loss of a thumb – £28,310 to £43,710
    • Less serious hand injuries whereby the hand is crushed which leads to impaired function – £13,570 to £27,220

    *The figures quoted here are illustrative and your potential claim may be worth more or less.

    In addition to compensation for pain and suffering, we are also able to help you claim for “special damages”. These damages include any loss of past and future earnings, your pensions and medical care. Special damages often make up a very large percentage of the total claim value and in some circumstances can amount to millions of pounds.

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    For more information on how much your serious hand laceration at work claim may be worth, use our compensation calculator here.

    How much does it cost to start my claim?

    We do not charge our clients any fees to get a new claim up and running.

    We use “Conditional Fee Agreements” to fund all of our claims. These agreements are also commonly referred to as “No Win No Fee Agreements” or “CFA’s”.

    The nature of these agreements means that law firms take all the financial risk and not the client.  If a claim fails, the law firm is not paid and the client does not have to pay any solicitor’s fees for their time.  For taking this risk, it is common for law firms to agree with a client that they will be paid a % of the client’s compensation award at the end of a successful claim.

    How long after my accident can I make a claim?

    The law in England & Wales states that you have 3 years from the date of your hand laceration at work to start a claim for personal injury.

    We recommend clients do not delay in starting a claim as this 3 year claim limit is very strict. If you fail to make a claim within 3 years, the opportunity is lost.

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