Fall From A Ladder At Work

Injury due to a fall from a ladder at work is unfortunately an all too frequent event and can result in very serious injuries and even death. Working on ladders is one of the most dangerous activities in workplaces and most of us will use a ladder or other equipment for working from heights at some point. Whether just to change a light bulb, reach a high shelf or perhaps do something more complex like electrical installation, we often do not realise the risk we are exposing ourselves to simply get straight to work on the ladder without a second thought or checks.

Falls From Ladders When Working At Height On The Increase

To the end of July 2013 there was a 60% increase in falls from height compared to the same period in 2012! Although the occurrence of injury due to falling off ladders had been reducing due to more stringent health and safety regulation, there are still many compensation claims for injury from falling off ladders at work. However, health and safety regulations are in place designed to protect your safety when working at height from ladders. Unfortunately I see employers displaying the attitude that ladders are a matter of common sense and no formal training, checks or maintenance is required. The regulations apply to work using everything from a small step or stepladder to scaffolding and two every height from which you might be working, even just a few centimetres off the ground.

There have been many ladder fall injury claims in Louth and Grimsby due to lack of preparation or precautions being taken for example not ensuring the ladder is correctly footed before going up it; but I know employers are often reluctant to provide help for this. Often the wrong ladder equipment is used for the job being done or old, poorly maintained or even broken ladders have to be used because the employer does not check, maintain or replace dangerous equipment.

My Employer Says My Ladder Fall At Work Is My Fault, What Can I do?

Because ladders are often seen as basic and straightforward pieces of work equipment it is common for employers to blame their workers when they fall off their ladder and are injured. As a result they may not be sympathetic to your situation but you do not have to sit by and wait to get well on your own. You are entitled to compensation if you have been injured in a ladder fall at work but it is important that you have the right person dealing with your claim to ensure your employer does not try and push you around and to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Specialist Fall from Ladder at Work Solicitor

Let me take care of your legal case while you focus on getting better and getting back on your feet. You should not have to worry about legal aspects while you are injured but need the right person with the right experience and approach to claims to give you that peace of mind. You could lose out and cause unnecessary worry if you instruct someone who is inexperienced or unqualified, having the right person standing behind you all the way will make all the difference in the world.

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