Brain Injuries

Grimsby Area Brain Injuries Lawyer

Injuries to your head and specifically your brain can have a devastating effect on both you and your family. The consequences to such an injury can be both physical and psychological and often are both. Unfortunately such accidents can actually leave you with life changing circumstances. Nigel Askew Solicitor in Louth has many years of experience at dealing with such cases and has a record of gaining maximum compensation for his clients who have suffered brain injuries.

If you have suffered a serious brain injury you will need a solicitor who can fight for compensation for you in order for you to cope with your changed circumstances. I will look to gain you maximum compensation for;

  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical costs and equipment
  • Ongoing medical support
  • Ongoing care
  • Home alterations
  • Transport costs

Interim Payments

It may also be possible to secure interim payments before settlement, assuming the 3rd party responsible for your condition accepts culpability. This will relieve any financial burdens caused by your condition.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury it is important to talk to a solicitor as soon as possible, so they can assess your case and investigate thoroughly so they can determine who was at fault for the accident.

In addition to this I will also advise you on;

  • Any benefits that you are entitled to
  • Your employment rights if you are unable to work as before
  • Other legal matters outside of your Brain injury claim

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