Serious Road Traffic Accidents in Lincolnshire

Some 12 months have passed since our last blog post about Serious Road Traffic Accidents in Lincolnshire.

Over the past year, we have been contacted by literally dozens of individuals and families who have either been directly involved in road accidents themselves, or who were sadly enquiring on behalf of family members seriously or fatally injured in road accidents.

Having lived and worked in Lincolnshire our whole lives, we are passionate about providing the people of Lincolnshire with the best possible legal advice and customer care we possibly can. If you or a member of your family have been seriously injured in a non-fault car accident on Lincolnshire’s network of roads and would like to make a claim for compensation then please contact our road accident specialists to discuss a claim.

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Serious Road Accidents on Lincolnshire’s Roads

The number of accidents on our roads continues to rise, despite several speed awareness campaigns and changes to road layouts.

Speed limit cuts on dangerous Lincolnshire roads  

We are pleased to report that two Lincolnshire roads are due to have their speed limits cut from 40mph to 30mph, after fears were raised that someone could be killed.

The stretch of A52 through Huttoft to Langrick will change because the mean speed on the road was over 33mph, enough to justify a speed change.

Over the last 3 years, there have been multiple accidents where the speed limit is in place, so reducing the speed limit should be viewed as a welcome sign to local residents and the wider Lincolnshire community.

Back in April 2021, the entire county was encouraged to display bumper stickers #slowDownInLincolnshire, as part of a campaign to save lives on our county’s roads.

2021 Road Accident Stats Released

Lincolnshire police released official figures that stated 41 people were killed on our county’s roads in 2021. Of the 41 fatalities:

  • 22 were drivers of cars
  • 6 were car passengers
  • 10 motorcyclists aged between 27 and 70
  • 1 cyclist
  • 2 pedestrians

The number of injuries and deaths on Lincolnshire’s roads have been described as “stubbornly stuck” by road policing teams.

Lincolnshire police is now re-establishing road policing teams in 2022, with 18 police constables and 2 sergeants and new vehicles operating out of Grantham and Louth in the hope to slow vehicles down and reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities that happen on our roads.

Take Care Driving in Wintry Conditions

A recent survey carried out by HeyCar revealed that Lincolnshire has one of the most treacherous network of roads during the winter months, ranking second only to Kent in the entire UK.

Some 1606 accidents took place on icy and wintery roads in Lincolnshire between 2015 and 2020, with the study showing 333 casualties originating from these incidents. This gives an average of 321 accidents per year during wintery conditions.

Take care when driving in wintery conditions, especially if roads have not been gritted.

Road Accident Solicitors Lincolnshire

We have over 20 years of experience in successfully winning serious road accident claims on behalf of the people of Lincolnshire, involved in serious road accidents.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a road accident, you may be able to claim financial compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering and any loss of earnings you have suffered as a result of the accident.

From our offices in central Louth in Lincolnshire, we offer all new serious road traffic accident claim enquiries in Lincolnshire a free initial consultation where we discuss the merits of your case. Call our Lincolnshire Road Accident Solicitors today on 01507 609027.

You can read more about Serious Road Traffic Accidents in Lincolnshire and how to claim compensation by clicking here.