Army Client Awarded £146,000 NFCI Compensation

We recently acted for a member of the Armed Forces in a claim for a non-freezing cold injury. Our client developed a NFCI in the Army and contacted us to help him with a compensation claim.

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Army NCFI Compensation

We were contacted in 2017 by a client that had been exposed to prolonged periods of cold and wet weather during his employment in the Army.

Upon joining the Army, he underwent 6 months of training during several week long exercises in North Yorkshire. He was provided with ill-fitting and non-water proof boots. During his various training exercises the weather conditions were extremely cold and the area was covered under a blanket of snow. He remembered that during one particular exercise that he carried out he was patrolling, on stag and attacks and was constantly outside. Because of the snow it was impossible to keep his feet dry for any length of time and when it rained, his lack of waterproof boots meant his socks and feet would become completely soaked. He was unable to change into dry boots as he was only issued with one pair. He remembered feeling like his hands and feet were numb and described the sensation of walking as if he was “walking on stumps”. He was so cold that he was “not strictly with it”. His hands and feet were numb for the whole exercise and when he mentioned it to the Corporal in charge, he was told to simply warm his hands up in a dismissive way. When he got back to camp and took a hot shower his feet went red with pins and needles and stinging.

On another exercise in Scotland, he was sleeping outside under a poncho, where the terrain had ice on the ground. He remembered struggling to be able to fire his weapon and felt unstable on his feet.

On another exercise in the Brecon Beacons, he felt like both of his feet and hands were completely numb and he struggled to carry out even the most basic of tasks. When trying to warm up, he would experience a stinging sensation which caused severe pain. His feet were so numb they felt like they weren’t even there.

3 years after he joined the Army his symptoms were almost constant, though exacerbated by cold weather.  He reported his symptoms to the MoD twice during his service.

Over the course of the next 2 years, he was regularly exposed to similar conditions until he could no longer carry out his duties and was medically discharged.

After he was discharged he felt totally cast aside and unprepared for civilian life. Before he joined the Army he had trained as an electrician but could not work outside due to the cold conditions making his injuries worse.  He now works part time in a bar, earning far less than he had in the Army and if he had been able to work as an electrician.

The MoD initially responded to the claim to deny liability, however eventually agreed to a joint settlement meeting at which a compensation award of over £146,000 was agreed.

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