Military PTSD Mental Health – NHS HIS Initiative

Everyone at Nigel Askew Solicitors were delighted to read that the NHS are to launch a new service specifically for former armed forces personnel who are experiencing severe mental health problems, including PTSD. The Veteran’s Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) will be introduced across England.

The Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) will provide care and treatment for veterans who are experiencing a mental health crisis and need urgent help.

The solicitors at Nigel Askew speak to dozens of current and ex armed forces personal every month who are suffering with mental health problems, PTSD or who are misusing alcohol and drugs, so this is a welcomed initiative by the NHS.

A new national service for military veterans

The HIS is part of a new national service being rolled out across England and the service is being delivered in partnership between the NHS and well-established veterans’ support charities. Together, they will work with local mental health services to provide:

  • Support to crisis care services for veterans presenting in a mental health crisis
  • Support during an inpatient unit stay – including access to a clinician advice line 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Care navigation – helping veterans and their carers find the local services best suited to their needs, and
  • Support and care for family members and carers where they need it

This new service is part of the NHS Long Term Plan to expand support for all veterans and their families, helping them from their transition out of the armed forces and beyond.

The HIS consists of clinical staff with the skills to support veterans and the local mental health services treating them when they are in crisis or admitted to an inpatient ward. This includes a team of psychologists, mental health professionals and Veteran Liaison and Support Officers – some of whom are veterans themselves.

How mental health and PTSD effect military veterans

Some of the most common symptoms associated with military related mental health and PTSD include:

  • Anger, depression, panic attacks and social anxiety
  • Feelings of irritability and detachment towards family and friends
  • Distressing flashbacks of frightening events
  • Trouble sleeping and nightmares
  • Substance misuse, particularly with alcohol

The period between serving in the military and discharge and the on-set of PTSD related symptoms can vary from a few weeks, to several months to even several years.

It is vital veterans ask for help

As is the case with many psychological disorders, the first step is to talk about how you are feeling to someone you can trust, whether that is a member of your family, a GP or a specialist solicitor.

If you or your partner are experiencing mental health difficulties after leaving the military, contact us today. We have over 20 years’ experience in representing clients in claims for personal injury, including for military related PTSD and mental health.

We can help put you in contact with the NHS Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) or the Intervention and Liaison Service, as well as represent you in a claim for financial compensation.

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