Defective work equipment claims

Accidents at work – defective work equipment claims

Personal injury solicitor in Louth, Nigel Askew should be the first person you turn to for professional legal advice for any personal injury claims relating to defective work equipment.

At work, your employer has a duty of care to ensure your safety and that you go home at the end of the day having come to no harm. The protective work equipment you are provided with, should do exactly that – protect you! If it doesn’t then your comfort, job, quality of life or even life itself could be at risk. You need the support of a fully qualified and experienced personal injury solicitor.

Do not be tempted by cut-price offers or a smart television advert where your case will only be managed by a claims assessor! I will provide you with the best one-to-one personal care as well as having 15 years experience as a qualified personal injury solicitor.

In Grimsby or Louth, if you have been injured at work then contact me and I will provide you with no-win, no-fee assistance.

Lincoln or Lincolnshire, I am your friendly personal injury solicitor and will deal personally with your case; fighting your corner at every turn to ensure that you receive every penny that you are entitled too.

What about compensation?

Compensation is there to support you through the recovery and back to health where the injury that you sustained was not your fault.

Not only will compensation assist you during your recovery or protect you if you need to take an extended period of time off of work, compensation could also be there to help support your family after your death. Compensation could provide for your children when you no long can.

Once a company has had to pay compensation they will hopefully pay more attention to their protective work equipment. Your compensation claim could help protect someone in the future!

Why choose Nigel Askew?

A specialist in personal injury law for 16 years; when you instruct me, you are guaranteed the benefit of my experience every step of the way.

Accredited by the Law Society, you can be assured of the quality of my work.

“If you want a solicitor that looks after your interests and fully understands your situation I thoroughly recommend you give Nigel a call.”

A personal injury solicitor who doesn’t just sit in the office! I go out and interview witnesses, collect statements and keep you updated every step of the journey to your compensation.

With Nigel Askew, you can relax in the knowledge that your personal injury claim is being fully attended to.

Lincoln, Grimsby or Louth I can provide support as your personal injury solicitor.