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Although this claim hasn’t settled, it’s a good example of how we are prepared to go the extra mile for clients with serious injuries.

This client contacted me I think on a Saturday evening. She was very upset as she had suffered a serious ankle injury in a Tesco store and the solicitors already dealing with her claim were not progressing it and were thinking about dropping her claim. They were the third firm of solicitors to look at her claim, the two firms prior to them had already dropped her claim advising her she did not have sufficient prospects of success.

I, as the fourth solicitor, took her claim on and promptly set about scrutinising Tesco’s reasons for denying liability and the documentation they said supported their denial of liability. Following this scrutiny I drafted a large number of difficult questions to Tesco regarding their systems of inspection, seeking further documentation which I said should also be disclosed by them and pointing out the weaknesses in their supposed reasonable system of inspection on which they relied in denying liability.

Shortly thereafter, liability was accepted by Tesco for my clients accident and injuries. Medical evidence is now being obtained so that the full extent of my client’s losses can be ascertained and valued.

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