Industrial Disease Case 4

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A client who had two industrial claims arising out of his work as a HGV mechanic/fitter in which role he used various very noisy and vibrating tools and equipment, in particular, compressed air tools including airguns/wrenches, grinders, air chisels, nail guns and needle guns.

As a result of his exposure to noise and vibration from them he developed: (a) noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus; and (b) vibration white finger/hand arm vibration syndrome/Raynaud’s Phenomenon (“HAVS”). As ever, liability was initially denied on the basis that he would only need to use the noisy and vibrating tools and equipment for short periods of time which the defendants argued was not long enough to cause damage to his hearing or hands, however, following presentation to the defendants of the client’s full and detailed witness statement setting out his daily routines in great detail, they accepted that he in fact had been exposed to dangerous levels of noise and vibration.

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