£10 million damages for road accident victim

Approved Settlement: The High Court has approved a lump sum and annual payments to a man who was severely injured when he was struck by a car as he crossed a road. The settlement was based on 90% of the total value of damages.


The claimant was initially in a minimally conscious state after sustaining serious brain injuries in the accident in 2012, and is currently in a rehabilitation centre.
He lost the use of his legs and requires 24-hour professional care. He is easily fatigued, has trouble making himself understood and has difficulties with concentration and memory.

In 2015, the High Court approved a settlement on the basis that he would receive 90% of his damages.

On 19 December 2016, the High Court approved the financial terms of a settlement with the insurer of the motorist who struck the claimant, through which he will receiving a £2.95m lump sum, plus annual, index-linked payments starting at £180,000 per year.

Mr Justice Stewart approved the settlement, which was based on an assumed life expectancy to the age of 70.

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