Vanderhyde v Agorro

Vanderhyde v Agorro

Minor injuries, psychiatric and psychological damage. Damages awarded: £1,800. The claimant was turning left on a side road and was hit by another car, resulting in the claimant’s car being written off. He took no time off work. Three months after the accident the results of an examination showed that he was unable to lift heavy objects or carry out the fitness training he used to do prior to the accident, and he had difficulty in sleeping.

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Multi-million pound claim for brain damage

Multi-million pound damages for severe brain damage as result of road traffic accident

Approved Settlement: The High Court has awarded compensation, at a sum yet to be assessed, to a teenage girl who was severely brain-damaged in a road traffic accident. An interim payment was also awarded to fund a new home adapted to the claimant’s needs.


The claimant suffered severe skull fractures and brain injury when a car in which she was a passenger was involved in a serious road accident. A year after the accident she was assessed as being in a ‘minimally conscious state’, although her condition has since improved.

A medical expert has said her intellect will always remain ‘significantly affected’ by her injuries, and is she is unlikely to be able to communicate verbally or gain independence. She will require significant support for her personal, domestic, community and leisure activities for life.

The car driver’s insurer admitted liability.

At the High Court on 24 June 2016, Judge John Reddihough approved an interim compensation payment of £985,000 to cater for the claimant’s immediate needs. She is currently in a rehabilitation unit, so the interim payment will buy and adapt a new home for the claimant and her family.

The full amount of compensation has yet to be assessed, but is expected to worth several million pounds.

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Tslelepis v Warner

Lorry Driver Negligent For Driving Into Car

Tslelepis v Warner

The defendant was found liable at trial for driving his lorry into collision with the claimant’s car in heavy traffic.
The defendant denied liability on the basis that there was no impact at all. The court preferred the claimant’s account that there were two heavy impacts to the rear of her vehicle, the repairs to which meant she had to pay a £350 insurance excess, which was awarded to her.

The claimant was found to have proven her case on the basis of a medical report. The claimant visited her GP on one occasion and over the next few weeks made a gradual recovery. Symptoms eventually resolved once the claimant had some physiotherapy on the NHS. She had no time off work.

Awarded £3000 for injury; £3444 in total.