How much will it cost for a personal injury claim?

It Is Important That You Do Not Worry About The Costs Of Making Your Personal Injury Claim

You can contact me for free and no obligation initial advice about your case and the costs involved.

It is important to consider the different ways your claim can be funded which include:-

– A”No Win, No Fee” agreement which is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA;

– Legal Expenses Insurance which you may have as part of your home or car insurance and which may help with legal costs;

– Trade Union Funding where you are a member of a trade union they may help with legal costs;

– Public Funding (Legal Aid) is generally no longer available for personal injury claims apart from a small number of cases.

– Private Funding where you pay the legal costs yourself whether you win or lose your claim.

It is important that all the above options are fully considered with you at the outset.

It is best that you call me for the free and no obligation initial discussion so that the best option can be worked out for you. If the best options are Legal Expenses Insurance or Trade Union Funding, you just need to let me have their details and I will contact them on your behalf and advise you on what they say.

It is important that you carefully check for any “hidden costs” and that you fully understand the option being recommended to you. Unlike many firms, I will not ask you to pay any additional basic legal costs not paid by your opponent. This is where other firms charge you “hidden costs” which they will ask you to pay on top of their basic costs!

Therefore, if you have already been offered terms by another firm I strongly recommend you contact me before agreeing they can take your case on. I will, without any cost to you, check the offered terms to ensure there are no hidden legal costs.