Miners industrial deafness compensation claim

Occupational noise induced deafness sufferer, Mr H, wins damages of £3000 through Nigel Askew Solicitor who specialises in British Coal and NCB deafness claims.

Mr J was exposed to excessive levels of noise whilst working in the coal mining industry for British Coal and the National Coal Board (NCB) between 1961 to 1965 at Shilbottle Colliery, Northumberland after undergoing general mining and underground training including at Ashington Colliery Training Centre. He performed general duties on bank, including a spell on the noisy coal screens. Whilst working in the fitter’s shop he was subjected to loud mechanical and metallic noises from the maintenance and testing of colliery equipment following repair, the use of very heavy hammers striking steel plates, chisels etc. He also worked within the locomotive yard, assisting in the repair and maintenance of the locomotives which was also a very noisy environment. He also worked underground at the coalface, where he was subjected to the noise of explosions, from planned explosive detonations, heavy mining machinery, including coal cutters, pumps, large underground air circulation fans, large gear heads, conveyor belt systems, pneumatic drills etc.

Although these areas were known by the NCB to be very noisy, he was not provided with any hearing protection at all!

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As a result he now suffers from minor noise induced hearing loss assessed at only 5 decibels but fortunately does not suffer noise related tinnitus. His condition was confirmed when Nigel Askew Solicitor arranged a free hearing test for industrial deafness.

This was not a straightforward claim as some of Mr H’s noise exposure occurred prior to 1963 which is generally the date after which British Coal can be held responsible for NCB deafness claims. However, Nigel Askew Solicitor is aware of evidence that British Coal knew about the risks of industrial deafness to miners from as early as 1954 or 1955 and argued he should recover his industrial deafness claim compensation in full. Another difficulty was that his industrial noise deafness was only small at 5 decibels (usually such claims are turned down by industrial deafness solicitors (see low value injury article)) which was confirmed by his free industrial deafness hearing test.

Despite these difficulties, industrial deafness solicitors Nigel Askew were able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement of £3000 for Mr H’s deafness compensation for his minor hearing loss in settlement of his noise induced deafness claim against the national coal board and British Coal and avoiding the need to start court proceedings.

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