Passengers injured on London buses

It is widely acknowledged that public transport such as buses, trains and the London Underground are amongst the safest ways to get around. However, with so many buses occupying the capital city, a London bus crash is not a rare occurrence. For passengers involved, this can be a distressing and often painful experience. But if you have been involved in a bus crash in London, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

London Bus Crashes
London is renowned for its thriving multicultural society, and a key part of that is formed by its impressive network of public transport. This includes the London underground, and the famous red London buses. Unfortunately, these are like any other form of transport and can be involved in accidents or crashes, sometimes causing serious injuries to passengers. This may be caused by:

    • Driver error.
    • A mistake or dangerous manoeuvre by another road user.
    • A mechanical fault or problem with the bus.

Bus users may also suffer injury because of slips on a wet floor, or falls caused by sudden jerky movement.

Making A Bus Crash Claim
If you have been injured on a bus, you may be entitled to make a bus crash compensation claim. This would be a personal injury claim that would offer some amends for the injury and distress caused in the accident. Common injuries suffered in bus collisions include cuts and bruises, fractured bones and whiplash.

People involved in a London bus crash may also find themselves suffering emotional effects and flashbacks long after the event.

Contact Nigel Askew
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