Holiday Accident And Illness Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an accident, injury or illness on holiday through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation. Making a successful claim following a holiday illness or injury can often depend on the circumstances and proving who is at fault.

The place where the holiday injury or illness occurred is an important factor. If the holiday was in the United Kingdom, the claim can be treated as a regular personal injury claim. However, if the holiday was abroad, the process may become more complicated so you need a specialist and experienced solicitor to handle your claim.

Holidays are seen as a popular form of relaxation and a great way to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. But many people each year suffer injuries from slips, trips and falls when on holiday, often through no fault of their own. Some people can also fall ill from contaminated water, unhygienic conditions or food poisoning. These injuries or illnesses can ruin holidays and even cause longer lasting problems.

Liability for the illness or accident abroad

An important step in setting up a compensation claim is identifying who is to blame. Some common personal injury or illness claims from holidays can include:

  • Claims against package holiday travel agents when they are at direct fault for the illness or injury.
  • Claims against the travel agent when one of their representatives (e.g. hotel staff) are to blame.
  • Injuries or illness caused that were not caused by the travel agent or their representatives.

Specialist Holiday and Illness Abroad Claim Solicitor

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