Do I need a specialist personal injury solicitor to handle my accident claim?

Yes, absolutely, you must ensure that a specialist personal injury solicitor handles your claim as unfortunately nowadays injury claims are handled by unqualified, inexperienced and unsupervised claims processes working in what are effectively call centres. In my experience injury claims cannot be handled properly in this way and those which are usually end up being settled for less compensation that they should be. You must make sure you avoid the risk of your claim being handled in this way.

Should I use the solicitors recommended by my insurer?

You must take care when deciding who is to handle your accident claim. By following your insurers recommendation the chances are you will end up with an unqualified and inexperienced claims processor handling your claim which is likely to result in you losing out. It is also important to remember that you have an absolute right to choose for yourself who you want to handle your personal injury claim. Your insurers are misleading you if they suggest that you must use a particular firm of solicitors recommended or approved by them.

Who will handle my personal injury claim at Nigel Askew Solicitor?

I will handle your claim myself and ensure that your claim is given the full attention it requires to achieve the best possible outcome for you. In my experience this can only be achieved by instructing a long experience in qualified specialist personal injury solicitor like myself.

Should I use one of the solicitors on the television?

If you contact one of the companies or law firms advertising on the television, again, the chances are you will end up with an unqualified and experienced claims processor handling your claim which is likely to result in your claim being settled for less than it should be.

I have received an offer to settle my injury claim direct from the third party's insurer, should I accept it?

Whilst this might appear attractive at the time in terms of reaching a speedy settlement, the insurer's motives and tactics are designed to avoid you from getting the right amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries i.e. less than you are entitled to and prevent you getting access to independent legal advice. It is important in every case to be advised by a solicitor on whether the amount being offered is enough, but perhaps more importantly for those with more serious injuries it is vital they are fully medically assessed before accepting any offer. It is not uncommon for what initially appear to be relatively minor injuries to go on to cause serious and long-term problems. However, if you accept an early offer directly with the insurance company it is likely to be in full and final settlement which will prevent you returning to them later and asking for proper compensation for the injury suffered. This is a serious problem nowadays such that it has prompted the Law Society to launch a "Don't get mugged by an insurer".

How much compensation will I get for my injuries?

This depends on how bad your injuries are, how long they will take to recover and whether or not you have suffered any financial losses like lost wages. To determine the extent of your injuries and recovery time you will need to be assessed by an appropriate medical expert carefully chosen for the injuries you have actually suffered. I do not believe this important decision to medical agencies like claims processes to as getting the right medical evidence is critical in any case. Claims processes often mess financial losses like loss of pension, disadvantage on the job market etc.

How long will it take to get my compensation?

Many cases can be concluded quickly and within 3 to 6 months but it can take longer if you have more serious injuries. However, you do not have to wait until the very end of your case before you receive any compensation as you can ask for what is known as an interim payment (and early payment of part of your compensation) on account of your final payment of damages.