Assaulted At Work Claims

When you are at work, you can usually expect to be kept safe from any harm or injury. Provided there are effective safety procedures in place and these are followed properly, safety should be assured. But what may not be accounted for is the actions of colleagues and co-workers. In some cases, people are subject to assaults and attacks by the people that they work alongside.

Why Are People Assaulted At Work By Colleagues?

People who work in scenarios where they are faced by dangerous or violent individuals may be subject to assaults whilst they are working. These people may include prison officers or security guards. However, some people can be attacked by those people who work with them.

Some possible risk factors that may lead to assaults by work colleagues include:

  • Highly stressful jobs which demand lots of attention and time.
  • Jobs where differences of opinion are common.
  • Work areas where colleagues simply do not get along.

If one or more of these scenarios is in place, tempers can become frayed and in the high octane and high pressure work setting, assaults can happen.

Injury At Work Claim For Being Assaulted At Work

In some situations, an assault in the workplace may be the fault of the employer. In those job roles which are public facing or require contact with dangerous people, employers must do all they can to ensure that their staff are adequately protected, by providing relevant training and, if necessary, protective equipment.

For attacks by colleagues at work, employers may also be held responsible in certain situations. For example, if they have left an employee in the presence of a colleague with a previous history of violence, they may be guilty of ignoring the threat posed by the violent individual.

As a result, if you have suffered an attack or an assault by a work colleague, and you believe that your employer was at fault, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

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